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one of the best things I’ve done so far with @lintrule was setup @LogSnag

evan conrad

Great-looking product, even better marketing copy 😆 > "But I can just use slack to send events to myself!" Yeah, Bob, I can also use the microwave for cooking my steak, but there's a reason I go with the cast-iron skillet, you know?

Guillermo Rauch

I just deployed made by a fellow indie maker @ImSh4yy If you've ever sent yourself slack messages from your web app when important events happen, you'll love this It's a useful, clean, delightful service. Check it out!

Fed 🐻

Today I have set up some analytics for my product and I have to say that @LogSnag is an amazing product🤩 It makes it really easy to capture what is going on in your startup. I have not only set up some sales notifications but it alters me when the API breaks #buildinpublic

Jakob Sturm

Really liking the simplicity of @LogSnag by @ImSh4yy 😍 Just tracking a couple of events for now, and it’s wonderful. We just launched a new feature (more on this soon) and LogSnag’s a great way to keep tabs on that on mobile. I’d never do that with Mixpanel.

Baptiste Malaguti

One of the best piece of software built by one indie developer I know. @ImSh4yy work is outstanding!

Minh-Phuc Tran

I recently discovered @LogSnag (Thank you sharing, @mhauken)! What a fantastic tool for indie app developers - realtime monitoring for all your apps 😍👏🎉

Ivan Lé Hjelmeland

@LogSnag by @ImSh4yy is beautiful


Love the design, absolutely amazing


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@LogSnag was super helpful for this because it gave me a user activity feed I could look at. Instead of guessing, I could immediately see what each user had been doing immediately before canceling.

Benjamin Houy

Just got an IRL demo of @LogSnag from @gt_codes – it's one of the most thoughtfully crafted piece of software I've seen. Best part? It's cross-platform – iOS, Android, Mac, you name it 🤯 Incredible work, @ImSh4yy 👏

Steven Tey

But yeah I'll def run a survey. Or even better, I'll just compare analytics to see how the feature is being used This is why I love @LogSnag 😆

Wilson Wilson

LogSnag design is gorgeous ✨ Well done @ImSh4yy 👏

The Undesigner

If you have a Shopify app, you should use @LogSnag. It's the best tool I've started using in the past 6 months. I promise this is not a paid endorsement, I just love the service. I've been beta testing their upcoming Saas analytics product & it's SOOO GOOD. 6 great features:


It is the best. Don't take my word for it, even the CEO of paddle recommends it.…


LogSnag is turning into something really powerful. Simple yet powerful metrics easily accessible.


Been a happy early user of Logsnag SaaS and the UI is 😊👌

Nick Berns

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Set up LogSnag by @ImSh4yy for the new thing and I'm already a fan. Lovely product, neatly designed 👌 🔗


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The lightest and most straightforward tracking service I’ve ever used! 👏


Implemented @LogSnag to get some insights on the components. The onboarding is excellent.


I've been using @LogSnag by @ImSh4yy for a week, replacing a Slack integration I built. I love it. A single place for all my app events, with different workspaces for each app, plus channels for different event types and per-event notifications. A useful tool done really well.

Dan Rowden

Just set up @LogSnag today and I love the simplicity of this app. It gives you what you really need and nothing more. Period.

Michael Sieminski

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Just started tracking some key product metrics with @LogSnag Great work @ImSh4yy. Amazing product :)

Colin McAtee

Thanks for the inspiration! Logsnag is one of the best products I've seen in the space the time I've been here.

Yousef Amirghofran

The best part about LogSnag as a product analytics app is it can be as easy or as comprehensive as you want it to be. Like notion.

Kunal Mishra

👉 If you're building a SaaS, you should integrate an event tracking tool. @LogSnag is the perfect tool for this, don't log your analytics into your Discord or Slack server anymore.


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Built a landing page for a friend and added @LogSnag to notify me when a user signs up. Setting it up was super easy. Love the UI!


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